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OECD Monitoring


Monitoring companies from OECD Anti-bribery Convention countries will help ensure foreign trade and investment in developing countries are graft free. 


In many developing countries it is ordinarily not possible for foreign companies to operate effectively without paying bribes to justice/law enforcement system officials.

It would help combat corruption in all sectors should the activities of companies from the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention countries be monitored very closely and, where evidence exists showing they have transgressed their anti-foreign bribery legislation, reported to prosecutors in their home countries.

This is an essential step aimed at significantly curbing corrupt payments finding their way into the pockets of the police, judges and prosecutors in developing countries, thereby undermining the rule of law in these countries.

This activity will help ensure that if foreign companies are to trade with or invest in developing countries and not contravene their home country's anti-foreign bribery laws, they must enlist the assistance of their national governments to make representations aimed at ensuring due process of law and fair trials.

Companies from OECD Anti-Bribery Convention countries that are under pressure to pay bribes are urged to formally request that their local embassy take up the matter of resisting requests for facilitation payments with the authorities. The embassy might suggest joint action, for example, with other EU/OECD/international donor missions, to increase the lobbying weight of the intervention.


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