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TI Advocacy Toolkit

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This Advocacy Toolkit was produced to help Transparency International chapters and other civil society groups undertake effective advocacy to combat judicial corruption in their country. The toolkit is published in conjunction with TI’s Global Corruption Report 2007, which focuses on judicial corruption.

There are three main sections to the Advocacy Toolkit, as follows:


1. Advocacy Guide

The aim of this section is to provide an introduction to advocacy and help create individual strategic advocacy
plans. It also provides examples of advocacy on judicial corruption and some ideas for advocacy actions that may be useful or inspiring. The section contains four documents that introduce advocacy and advocacy plans, and provide specifics on advocacy related to judicial corruption as carried out by TI national chapters.

2. Judicial Corruption and the GCR 2007

The purpose of this section is to provide a solid background for understanding corruption in the judiciary, as well as TI
recommendations for combating judicial corruption, derived from the GCR 2007. It contains nine documents, aimed at
providing the knowledge and tools to examine judicial corruption. It contains materials such as an FAQ on the
GCR and judicial corruption, and TI’s policy positions on judicial corruption, amongst others.

3. Advocacy resources

This section provides additional resources which can be used to aid advocacy actions. These include, amongst others, a list of conferences and events related to judicial corruption; a list of organisations relevant to the field, arranged by region; and various press and communications guidelines.



Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 10: "Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him."



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